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The goal of MEVID Ltd. is to become a key player in the hospitality and tourism sector in the South Transdanubian region. We aim to serve our guests at a high standard in our hospitality and tourism areas, while establishing mutually successful partnerships with our collaborators in our real estate utilization activities.

Our goal is to serve diners in our restaurants with quality food, and to organize their events and receptions as professionally as possible according to the needs of our customers, for which our restaurants can provide a pleasant, atmospheric background.

Our aim is to provide the most diverse and tasty offer in the field of student catering, despite the low municipal raw material standards, taking into account aspects of healthy nutrition and legal requirements. We believe that healthier nutrition for children contributes to the well-being of our society.

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Our aim is to expand the range of services in our tourism sector, enhance the comfort of our guesthouses and hotels, thus enabling more and more satisfied guests, both new and returning, to relax and vacation with us each year.

Our goal is to meet all the needs of our office and warehouse tenants regarding our properties, thereby contributing to their business successes and results.

In addition to satisfying the needs of our customers, guests, and consumers, our goal is to ensure that our employees feel good in this growing company, take pride in working with us, and to this end, we continuously provide them with opportunities for development and training.

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